A unique space to celebrate weddings, social or company events

Batres Castle is a unique space to host events, a place where History and the Haute Cuisine of 4 different gourmet companies come together to create an experience with an unparalleled backdrop


It would suffice to say that the great poet Garcilaso de la Vega, Master of Batres, wrote some of his most beautiful verses right here, at the Castle, to convey its magical feel but, in addition, this Renaissance castle, declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1970, is also located within a most charming natural setting.

The Sotillo stream runs across this land and pours its waters into the Guadarrama river, its gardens recreate a forest of Mediterranean and continental species where the sense of time is lost, its quadrangular floor-plan, crowned with a splendid Tower of Homage, takes one back in time.

Batres is a legendary castle, a unique setting that lives up to its history, surrounded by olive trees that produce an exclusive olive oil and where the loudest sound comes from the chirping of the birds. Life here seems to come be at a standstill.


Two-and-a-half acres of countryside surround the fortress and a forest with one hundred-year-old trees limit a unique setting where the Batres Castle School of Gardening and Landscaping was created. An ideal setting for Fine Arts: painting, poetry, music and, most importantly, a place where one can escape the noise of Madrid city, a mere half-an-hour car ride away.

Certain native species such as pines and cypress trees give a Mediterranean, almost Tuscan-feel to the site, which also houses a bridge over the Sotillo stream and an old water dam that cools the air on hot summer days. Both water features give it a perennial green feel no matter what the season.

The landscape is surrounded by a plantation of centenary olive trees.


Batres Castle creates an impression with its enormous rectangular parade ground refurbished with an imposing glass enclosure and equipped with climate control. Guest feels as if they’ve stepped into a different era, but with today’s luxuries.

This imposing parade ground is surrounded by two large halls with colonnaded galleries, a truly unique space to hold a congress, a convention, or any other kind of work or leisure meeting.

The venue can host up to 350 guests who will be able to admire, while attending the banquet or meeting, the imposing Tower of Homage that stands 30 meters tall. Natural light filters through into all the rooms. There is a typical Spanish Renaissance wooden balcony above the central courtyard, suggesting what it might have been like to attend a comedy theatre in past times.


If the interior of the Castle is spectacular, its landscaped exterior in the purest Italian style, with its tall cypress trees and Mediterranean pines providing cool shade, with its terraces and hedges, its imposing swimming pool, is the best scenery to feel immersed in a fairy tale.

The layout of the terraces around the fortress, the carefully planned landscaping, provide the best omens for a gallant ceremony.

The scenery can be staged differently for each event and the pace of the ceremony may be tailored to the hosting party’s wishes.