At Batres Castle we proudly believe we are able to create any experience. We are not afraid to include new technologies within a historical framework, to incorporate the best features so that your work meeting may be as effective as possible. In this regard, we are ancient hosts with a passion for modern times.

There is room in our calendar for Congresses, Seminars, Conferences, Fashion Shows, Editorial Presentations, Commercial Presentations…

We are fond of marketing, networking, public relations, business meetings and spiritual retreats, with or without wifi, depending on your requirements.

From the moment we meet, our goal is to shape your event by coordinating the necessary technical and staffing services to make your meeting a complete success.

The versatility of our indoor and outdoor spaces allows us to offer a freedom that most hotel locations do not have. In Batres, ideas circulate and people never feel as if they’re in an enclosed space.

Nor do we put limits on customer requests. We adapt and transform ideas into a tailor-made event. At Batres Castle, we want to continue to make history hand-in-hand with our clients.