History and Haute Cuisine merge to create experiences with an unparalleled backdrop.

In addition to an enchanted setting, Batres Castle is proud to offer a unique sensory experience: Gastronomy.

Four great Chefs representing the most international Spanish cuisine join our team to make each experience a unique and unforgettable one.

Paco Roncero, Ramón Freixa, Dani García and Medems Catering, will make sure that, whatever choice you make, it will be backed by great food and tasteful implementation, without margin for error.

Four masters in the kitchen at a Renaissance castle.


Roncero is a multi-sensorial chef,  a culinary avant-garde, a challenge-seeker and a multi-faceted runner.

Roncero is a real treat for Batres and a proud recipient of two Michelin stars. And he is also a true advocate of life’s little pleasures.

His extensive and rich career also includes the fact that he is an inquisitive businessman, the recipient of a National Gastronomy Prize, an addict to workshops focused on experiments…

He likes to define himself (just to be crystal clear) as a high-performance dreamer and a compulsive host.


One of the greatest and most acclaimed chefs in Spanish cuisine today, Ramón Freixa runs the restaurant that bears his name in Madrid’s Hotel Único.

In his cuisine, audacity is combined with a good dose of innovation and common sense. His cuisine’s impeccable technique is coupled with his great passion for visual and gustatory games in his signature dishes.

Taste is always the protagonist of a proposal that combines tradition and avant-garde, aesthetic madness and common sense.


With three Michelin stars in his Marbella restaurant and a Bib Gourmand 2016 award, Dani García is one of the Andalusian chefs with more international prestige in today’s culinary scene.

He is a dynamic and creative chef with 20 years of experience in the kitchen. His cuisine is cosmopolitan and global, drawing on multiple influences: his Andalusian roots, his experiences from his travels around the world, the cultures he has discovered and all the years of training and learning.


Medems is synonymous with haute cuisine tailored to each event.

Since 1988, they have offered full catering services to successfully conquer any event planned to the customer’s taste.

Cocktails, buffet tables, sitting lunches, formal dinners, brunch… they adapt to the personality of each event, whether it is an opening, a wedding, a media presentation or a party.